Powerless is an action/horror FPS set in a world where a walking sickness has turned people into zombies.  You have managed ward off infection by quarantining yourself.  After running out of food, you have decided it’s time to venture out into the open, armed to the teeth, and purge those infected by the disease.  You will take back the world or die trying.

Game play is is similar to titles like Doom, Rise of the Triad, Wolfenstein, and Jedi Knight.  The classic, point, shoot, and run style of game play will be immediately picked up on by seasoned gamers and newcomers alike.

In addition to a “kill them all” Purge mode, Powerless also provides a Survival mode and a Gauntlet mode of game play.  In Survival, the player must kill as many zombies as the can without being overwhelmed.  In the Gauntlet, a player must confront 30 waves of increasingly difficult zombie hordes.

With random drops, weapon upgrades, and a non-deterministic spawning routine for zombies, game replayability is high.  Each play-through is different from the last, with titles being awarded to the player based on their performance, and cheat codes to discover.  Steam players have the added bonus of Steam Achievements to unlock as well.

In addition to the solid, fun game play, you can also read the e-book. When not immersing yourself in live-action zombie killing, you can follow a group of college kids through their own waking nightmare. The book is distributed along with the game.


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Moonlight Studios
Based in Dallas, TX


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January 19, 2018




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